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With the start of filming on season 3 I'm all excited.  I'm so dorkily in love with this show.  I just wanted to get my thoughts out on things I would really really like to see happen on the show.   So here's my Teen Wolf Wishlist: 

1.)  Lydia gets involved.  She knows about the whole werewolf thing going on now.  We already know she can read Latin and is great at chemistry, time for her to put those skills to use.  I'll love to see her become better friends with Stiles and hang out more with Allison.


2.)  Allison seemed pretty twisted up sideways last season, I can't say I was crazy about the story line they went with because I'd rather she had stood up to her family.  But now I think is a great time for her actually learn what it means to really be a leader.  I'd love for her werewolf friends to be in trouble and her to finally take charge of some other hunters and have them help.  She'd have to talk them through their prejudices and bring hunters back to following the code.


3.) Erica and Boyd bonding time.  I want to know more about these two.  I loved the way they ran off together at the end of last season because of Derek's terrible leadership.  I want to see them rely on each other and become really close because they're going through something none of their friends are.


4.) I want the Sheriff to find out.  Maybe he could do some investigating of his own.  But it's just rough watching Stiles keep lying to him.  It's hurting them both.

5.) Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morell, I don't know what's up with them but as long as they're not bad guys and are awesome and kickass I'll be good.

6.) Laura.  I think we need to see some flashback of Derek's sister, obviously she's what set this show in motion and was a big part of his life.  The whole first two season went by with out really mentioning her, it's time.  There's a big hole in this story and it's Laura.

7.) I love Peter, he's a delight to watch, and I want him to stick around for more than just a season.  But more important that, I want to see him get his comeuppance.  I don't want him to get a "redemption arc"  I want him to go right back to scheming all while playing the helpful and reformed psychopathic Uncle.   More importantly, I want Lydia to be the one who gets back at him.  She can play all sympathetic at first because he was in her head and she's seen what he's been through.  But how can she not be pissed at the guy who attacked her, put her in the hospital and violated her mind?


I think Lydia's revenge should come in the form of a cure for Lycanthropy.  She's immune and great at chemistry.  It could keep Peter on the show without him being a threat.  And I bet it would be a bigger blow to Peter not to be a werewolf than dying would be.

8.) More Danny and Mrs. McCall

So what do you guys think?  Anything you really want to see happen in Teen Wolf?


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